SRHR Learning and Sharing Conference 2015


SRHR Learning and Sharing Conference 2015

The AIDS Foundation of South Africa Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights programme (SRHR) will be hosting its first Learning and Sharing Conference this year 2015. The conference will take place in Durban at the Balmoral Hotel (beachfront) from 25-27 March 2015. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Realising Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Post 2015‘.

The conference aims to share experiences and knowledge on the complexities of making SRHR real in South Africa. Partnered Community Based Orgainisations (CBO’s) and NGO’s working in the programmes of sexual and reproductive health rights will make part of the conference and an estimated number of 80+ delegates are expected for the three-day conference. The KwaZulu Natal MEC for health: Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo (TBC) will be among other guests to enlighten and share information on sexual and reproductive health and associated rights for the people of South Africa.

The expected outcomes for the conference are:

  • To understand how gender, sexuality and marginalisation influence access to health rights;

Focusing on LGBTI groups, women and children, people living with disabilities and other marginalised groups

  • To explore advocacy mechanism to achieve the realisation of SRHR in Southern Africa;

Developing regional partnerships in varying political and legislative contexts

  • To understand how cultural beliefs and practices affect sexual and reproductive health-seeking behavior; 

Focused on initiation and traditional circumcision, early marriages, forced marriages and widowhood

We also cordially invite the news journalists to be part of the conference as this will cover issues that would be of interest to the media and public at large:

1.  LGBTI descriminalisation in Southern African countries

South Africa, the only country in Africa where inclusivity of LGBTI persons and same sex marriages are constitutional, must take a lead in the descriminalisation of LGBTI persons in South Africa.  Everyone is entitled to equal rights and freedom and as such the AIDS Foundation of South Africa under the SRHR programme has developed regional partnerships to promote the realisation of LGBTI rights in Southern Africa. This conference brings these partners together to learn, share and collaborate with each other to prioritize these rights on post 2015 development goals.

2.  AFSA is playing an incremental role to bridge the gap between traditional male circumcision and medical male circumcision in South Africa. Many initiates die in the bush each season due to lack of effective post-operative care, which makes their surgery susceptible to infection. AFSA has successfully overcome the cultural patriarchal challenges which made it taboo for traditional surgeons and biomedical professionals to collaborate, AFSA has also been successful in overcoming the taboo where women could not engage with traditional leaders and/or surgeons. These will contribute to the reduction of mortality of initiates in the country. these issues will be addressed at the 2015 Learning and Sharing Conference.

For more infomation contact Justine van Rooyen on 031 2772 735 or or Roland Vilane on o31 2772 709/ 076 1382 955

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