Sign the petition for Free Sanitary Wear now!

The Sex Rights Africa Network and Pepeta Africa have launched a petition for free sanitary wear for everyone who needs it.

Globally, around a quarter of young people – most of them female – are neither employed nor in education or training. In many communities in Africa, the proportion is far higher. In addition to all the barriers confronted by young people, girls face the additional challenge of lack of sanitary wear and stigma related to menstruation.

The United Nations says that of the 1 billion young people – including 600 million adolescent girls – that will enter the workforce in the next decade, more than 90% of those living in developing countries will work in the informal sector, where low or no pay, abuse and exploitation are common.

In order to change this, young people and girls especially need opportunities, education and skills to equip them for decent work in an era of unprecedented innovation and automation.

Part of this effort must be to ensure all girls – and all the women whose needs and rights have been neglected – have consistent access to free, quality sanitary wear. Please sign and share the petition.

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