“Under the theme: “Advancing the Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights of Girls and Women in Africa”, the 8th African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights is an opportunity for academics, activists and development workers to RETHINK and RENEW their commitment to SHR and RECONNECT with partners for change.”

As the AIDS Foundation of South Africa, which hosts and manages the Sex Rights Africa Network, we are pleased to co-partner with the convenors of the 8th African Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health.
As a knowledge-management networking platform, we firmly believe in investing in Women and Girls’ SRHR, rights, needs, priorities and potentials, as one of the pathways to Sustainable Development.

As part of this investment, we have extended our support to this conference through supporting seventy youth delegates, mentors, and speakers drawn from 14 Eastern and Southern African countries. Delegates will get the opportunity to learn, reflect and exchange ideas and action to make sexual and reproductive health and rights real for all in Eastern and Southern Africa.

This conference is in line with our best hopes for an Africa that is Healthy, Sexy, Equal and Free, and where women and girls can #ExpectRespect.

The Sex Rights Africa Network is utilising the Sustainable Development Goals as a catalyst to realising and advancing SRHR without leaving anyone behind.

We applaud the strategic focus of this conference on Women and Girls, who are susceptible to the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment, thus threatening the overall development of many African countries and communities.

We are hopeful that our meaningful and active participation in this conference will present ideas and action that will make SRHR real, and put Women and Girls’ issues higher up on the development agenda.

Our best hope is for an Africa that is Healthy, Equal, Sexy and Free for all.

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