Request For Application

Request for Proposals

May 17, 2021

Terms of Reference for Consultants/ Service Providers to facilitate Training/s for HIV Testing Services (HTS) 


Background: The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) serves as a Principal Recipient for the current Global Fund Program in South Africa (2019 – 2022).

AFSA’s scope of work includes managing the Community Response and Systems (CRS) Program to be implemented in following province:

  • Mpumalanga province in the districts of Gert Sibande and Ehlanzeni.
  • KwaZulu Natal in the districts of King Cetshwayo, UGu, UMgungundlovu, uThukela, Zululand and EThekwini.

The CRS program seeks to develop the organisational and program implementation capacity of locally based Civil Society Organisations. Therefore AFSA is seeking to appoint Moderator/s registered with Health and Welfare SETA to moderate, give feedback to the assessor and assess POEs of 10 learners in the province of Mpumalanga and 15 learners in the province of KwaZulu Natal as outlined below:

Training Content: Prevention and Adherence Support on HIV and Advance Counselling and HIV Testing

US ID Unit Standard Title – Prevention and Adherence Strategies for HIV/AIDS with 2 unit standards (Block 1)
252533 Provide pre and post HIV test counselling
252532 Provide on-going counselling and support to individuals infected or affected by HIV and Aids
US ID Unit Standard Title – Prevention and Adherence Strategies for HIV/AIDS with 3 unit standards (Block 2)


260597 Provide information about HIV and AIDS and treatment options in community care and support situations
117507 Develop and implement a client ARV treatment plan
252512 Counsel an individual in a structured environment


1) The Moderator/s must be in a position to attend training for one or more of the training blocks as per the content outlined, and dates listed in the timelines;.

2) AFSA shall make available to the Moderator /s existing materials for learners;

3) The Moderator/s must prepare and submit assessment reports to AFSA following the end of each block of training and mentorship conducted.

4) Moderation must be carried out according to the requirement of the relevant ETQA.

5) Moderator/s shall perform 50% of assessment on POE’s for the 20 learners in Mpumalanga.

6) Moderator/s shall perform 50% of assessment on POE’s for the 30 learners in KwaZulu Natal.


1) Experienced in the field of primary health care and community development;

2) Experience in moderating HIV testing services training for learners from CSOs.

3) Register as a moderator with relevant ETQA (Public Awareness and Promotion of Dread Disease and HIV/AIDS (qualification 74410 SAQA).

4) The Moderator/s must be fluent in English, siSwati or isiZulu.


The Moderator/s will be expected to commence work on this assignment following appointment, which is set to be finalised by 03 May 2021.

The training and mentorship is set to take place in two phases:

  • Block 1 Prevention and Adherence Support on HIV, workplace mentorship, assessment of POEs and submission of report:  27 June – 30 July2021
  • Block 2 Advance Counselling and HIV Testing, workplace mentorship, assessment of POEs and submission of report: 01-28 August 2021.

Expressions of Interest:

Moderator/s that possess the necessary qualifications and experience are invited to submit expressions of interest (EOI) to AFSA for consideration.

  • Moderator/s should provide a copy of their curriculum vitae or organisational/consultancy profile, including details of similar work undertaken and past references.
  • Moderator/s should specify which training blocks they are qualified and capable of conducting.
  • Moderator/s should provide a breakdown of professional fees / cost structure for services to be rendered. AFSA shall organise and pay for travel costs and accommodation related to the undertaking of this assignment.
  • Applicants submitting tender bids are also required to submit copies of the following documents with their tender applications:
  1. Registration letter from HWSETA
  2. Company accreditation registration letter/s from HWSETA
  3. A declaration confirming the absence of any conflict of interest; or alternatively a declaration stating any existing relationship /acquaintance with AFSA employees or Directors;
  • Applicants are requested to submit copies of relevant registration documents and qualifications.

Submission of Applications:

Applications should be submitted via email to the following address: [email protected]

Alternatively hard copies and a soft copy in a USB may be delivered at AIDS Foundation’s offices located on the 2nd Floor, 135 Musgrave Road, Berea, and Durban.

Closing Date:

The deadline for the submission of applications is 28 May 2021 before 16H30pm