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July 16, 2021

Request for Tender Bids –¬†Supply of Mobile Clinics


The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) is seeking to procure Four (4) already converted mobile clinics and invites suppliers to submit bids to supply the mobile units detailing the following:

  1. Make, model and specifications of vehicles to be supplied;
  2. Pricing Structure;
  3. Maintenance plan should be included
  4. Warranty on vehicle, fittings and terms thereof; service plan included
  5. Delivery period (from the time the order is placed to the delivery of the 4 mobile units to AFSA Durban Office and AFSA Nelspruit Office)

Suppliers submitting tender bids are also required to submit certified copies of the following documents with their tender applications:

  1. Company or trading entity registration certificate
  2. VAT registration certificate
  3. A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the South African Revenue Service (SARS)
  4. BBBEE status level verification certificate
  5. A declaration confirming the absence of any conflict of interest; or alternatively a declaration stating any existing relationship /acquaintance with AFSA employees of Directors;

Specifications for Mobile clinic based on Mini Bus with a minimum 4.5mx2400x2100 Body


  • Roof mounted adjustable air-conditioned
  • The roof panel outer skin should have no joins as to prevent the ingress of water
  • Crank out owning to be fitted outside on the right-hand side of the vehicle


  • Subframe chassis with rear underrun as per road safety
  • Subframe chassis as per manufacturer requirements.
  • Chassis to be cleaned and painted with different coats of primer and finishing coast to prevent rust.
  • Subframe chassis to be fixed to vehicle chassis as per manufacturer specifications.
  • Chassis to be as near to horizontal
  • No drilling or welding is allowed on vehicle chassis
  • Should chassis extension be required it would need to be carried out by vehicle manufacturer.
  • Rear mud guards to be fitted.


  • 12mm Marine ply flooring coated with a bitumen-based water proofing on the underside.
  • Marine ply is too overlaid in a minimum of 2mm merely or equivalent hospital grade HD flooring.
  • Floor cover to have no joins.

Sidewalls/body panels

  • Should be of a composite vac-bond structure of aluminium/steel/GRP/polyurethane/styrene
  • Body structure to be of individual insulated panels and not a mono structure to allow repairs to be made per panel.

The rear body to be divided into 3 compartments.

Counselling (Room) Compartment 1

Section of the vehicle is behind the driver seat, opening through slide door on the left side, to have Compartment 1 that will be a counselling room (with couch-like seat that can allow seating of at least three people for group counselling), then a foldable desk attached to a chair for a counsellor. Then storage compartment underneath and on top sides.

  • Three-Seater bench with storage underneath
  • One seat with foldable writing desk
  • Roof Extractor Blower fan
  • Interior Lighting
  • Storage cabinets below on rear sides
  • Overhead lockers
  • Windows on each side (fully frosted)
  • Sliding door at main entrance with lock with privacy curtain or flipping door
  • Waste bin
  • Slide out step with hand grip and safety rails
  • Hand washing basin with water bottle, soap & paper towel dispenser and lever tap

Clinic compartment 2 (Examination Room)

Section of the vehicle is behind Compartment 1, opening through slide door on the left side, to have Compartment 2 that will be an examination room with all clinical equipment.

  • To be fitted with adjustable medical examination table on the right side with storage drawers below. Adjustable allowing height for client to climb but Nurse not to bend while examining the client
  • Mounted BP Machine on top of examination bed
  • Examination Light on top lower limbs of examination bed
  • Left hand side next to the sliding mounted height measure
  • More storage cupboards
  • Roof Extractor Blower fan
  • Interior Lighting
  • Windows on each side (fully frosted)
  • Left side of vehicle is a Desk and a seat for the Nurse to seat and write
  • Left side of vehicle hand washing basin unit mounted on the wall (with lever taps)
  • Soap & paper towel dispenser
  • Waste bin
  • Storage cabinets below all counters
  • Over-head lockers
  • Sliding door at main entrance with lock
  • Steps stool

3rd Compartment at the rear of vehicle is the Toilet (from the back side)

  • Cloth curtain separating toilet from the examination room
  • Interior Lighting
  • Portable Chemical Toilet
  • Hand washing basin with soap and paper towel dispenser


  • Battery management system with dual charging minimum 105amp batteries
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior lighting as per Road Transport Act
  • Distribution Box with magnetic circuit breakers
  • 220v inlet with extension lead
  • Under body lockers where possible
  • 12v Cooler for medication & Blood samples.

Finishing and Trims

  • Aluminium/Stainless Steel trims and non-slip steps
  • Double rubber door seals
  • Heavy duty Door locks


  • Wiring diagram
  • Weighbridge document
  • NRCS Doc/ COF
  • Manufacturers Certificate
  • All relevant docs for registration
  • All switches to be clearly marked.

Applications must be signed, dated and emailed to the following address: [email protected]

All documents should be uploaded to email address with all supporting documents before the closing date, NO HAND DELIVERIES

Each Bidder can bid for one or more of the advertised items

Closing Date: Thursday 29 July 2021 at 16:00pm.