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October 22, 2021

Request for Quotations – Reference:  RFQ-THP-31102021 – Training of Traditional Health Practitioners which addresses Social and Behavioural Changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Request for Quotations

Training of Traditional Health Practitioners which addresses Social and Behavioural Changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Application deadline: 31th October 2021

*AFSA reserves the right to amend this document or to cancel this call, for any reason*


The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) is a Durban-based NGO that acts as an interface between Donors and Community Based Organisations (CBO’s). AFSA is one of four Principal Recipients (PRs) currently implementing Global Fund (GF) supported programmes in South Africa for the April 2019 to March 2022 grant period. By placing donor funds with strategically selected CBO’s, AFSA currently provides ongoing, technical support & capacity building to CBO’s implementing programmes across 25 districts in eight of the nine provinces in South Africa.

Amongst these programmes is the Adolescent Girls and Young Women Programme (AGYW), Men’s HIV prevention programme (MSP), Programme to reduce human rights-related barriers to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) services, also known as the Human Rights Programme, Gender-based programme (Thuthuzela care centres), Advocacy Programme, Community based /led monitoring and Community Response Systems (CRS) Programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the predominant challenges in many areas within South African Societies. Structural inequalities, from South African’s Healthcare system to the country’s Social Security System, have now being exposed.

Individuals seeking medical assistance in South Africa have always sought counsel from Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) and biomedical systems alike. THPs are usually the first point of contact for all kinds of ailments in the local communities in which they operate. THPs play multi-disciplinary roles in the health care of patients in South – that of doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist counsellor, and peer education which contributes significantly to the primary healthcare needs of communities.

This especially in rural areas, where significant structural gaps exist in the public Healthcare System. THPs have become a much-needed Rapid Responder to patients’ ailments which include HIV, STI’s, TB, and COVID-19, whilst fulfilling their sacred duties of being community custodians of traditional African spirituality, religion and customs, educators about culture, and spiritual protectors of ancient and modern religion alike. Thus, the role of THPs has cemented itself as the first point of contact for patients in communities.

It is upon this background that AFSA seeks to appoint a consultant to provide training and education to Traditional Health Practitioners. This training will equip THPs with the necessary information and tools to better serve their communities.

Objectives of the Training include;

  1. Provide training, using the by-healers-for-healers approach, in communicable diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS, STIs, TB and Covid-19.
  2. Training THPs on Human Rights, including training and instilling a gender sensitive healing approaches that allow for acceptance and understanding of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQIA+) patient and healer community.
  3. Roll out a robust training model that will see healers engage rigorously, self-introspectively and most importantly contextualising the realities of communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, STIs, TB, Covid19) in their THP spaces and practices.

Note: If you have any queries or comments, kindly forward them to [email protected]

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