Request For Application

Request for Proposals

January 17, 2022

Request for Quotation REF: GLO02REQ03278 – SANAC Civil Society Forum (CSF)

The SANAC Civil Society Forum (CSF) are seeking proposals from individuals/organisations for the development of a membership toolkit that is developed to service its membership base – represented by 18 civil society sectors nationally, replicated at provincial and district levels. The successful bidder will use a combination of existing CSF guiding documents (e.g. terms of reference, strategy, project reports), key informant interviews and focus group discussions in order to develop a toolkit that is easy to use and relevant at all the different levels where the CSF operates.

The membership toolkit serves to:

    • Increase national visibility and recognition of the South African National AIDS Council & the CSF
    • Expand on the membership base for all CSF sectors
    • Instil a common understanding of what membership of the CSF means with a particular emphasis on practical tools for improving provincial and district coordination to drive national action
    • Translate and simplify the existing CSF Terms of Reference and plug in the gaps
    • Include Community engagement model on how to consult on the South African National Strategic Plan on HIV&AIDS and STIs&TB (NSP), related policy documents and sensitisation of civil society sectors at all levels on SANAC’s 10-Point catch-up plan (linked to the NSP).

The development of the membership toolkit is envisaged to be implemented in three phases, namely a ‘content development phase’, ‘design and layout phase’ and a ‘training phase’.  The process will focus on delivering a membership toolkit that is easy-to-use, reflective of the diversity of civil society in South Africa, relevant to the country context and presents information in an engaging manner.

Kindly click here to download the Full TOR – Request for Quotation REF: GLO02REQ03278 – SANAC Civil Society Forum (CSF)