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June 15, 2020

Request for Expressions of Interest: Media and Communications Consultant – Global Fund Programme

REF:  GLO02REQ01115

Deadline for applications: 22/06/2020; 16:00

Term: 30 June 2020 – 31 March 2021

The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) is one of four Principal Recipients (PRs) currently implementing Global Fund supported programs in South Africa for the April 2019 to March 2022 grant period.  These programmes are currently implemented across 25 districts in eight of the nine provinces in South Africa. The programme includes:

  • Prevention programmes for adolescents and youth, in and out of school;
  • Comprehensive prevention programmes for sex workers and their clients;
  • Comprehensive prevention programmes for men who have sex with men;
  • Comprehensive prevention programmes for transgender people;
  • Comprehensive prevention programmes people who inject drugs and their partners;
  • Programmes to reduce human rights-related barriers to HIV services;
  • Treatment Care and Support;
  • TB Care and Prevention;
  • Multidrug-resistant TB, TB/HIV;
  • Community responses and systems;
  • Health management information system and monitoring and evaluation.

Together with three other PRs, AFSA is responsible for implementing the Prevention programmes for adolescents and youth, in and out of school and Community responses and systems. In addition to these, AFSA is the only PR responsible for implementing cross-cutting Programmes to reduce human rights-related barriers to HIV services. Implementation of these programmes is coordinated through Sub-Recipients, Sub-sub Recipients and Implementing Partner Organizations, all operating across the 25 districts. The successful and impactful implementation of these programmes requires effective communication across all partners.

It is upon this background that AFSA wishes to appoint the services of media and communications consultant to support with internal and external communications, media monitoring and analysis, and to assist with any other day-to-day documentation and communication needs of all Global Fund programme at AFSA.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following services:

  1. Internal Communications
    • Manage and coordinate the effective and efficient sharing of priority information within the Global Fund programme and across all departments at AFSA
    • Manage and maintain an internal library of key resources for the Global Fund’s Human Rights, Community Responses and Systems (CRS) and Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) programmes
  2. External Communication
    • Manage and coordinate the effective and efficient sharing of priority information amongst all AFSA’s Global Fund Sub-Recipients (SRs), Sub-sub Recipients (SRs) and Implementing Partner Organizations  (IPOs)
    • Manage and coordinate all social media related messages and activities for the respective Global Fund programmes
    • Provide monthly / when required, reports on all media activity related to the programme, including social medial analytics
    • Monitor medial activities related to the different Global Fund programmes and Modules for the timely response and engagement
    • Develop and monitor media campaigns using relevant platforms for impact and reach to the programme’s core constituency – HIV and TB key and vulnerable populations
    • Facilitate the establishment and strengthen relationship with community media journalists from across 8 provinces and 25 districts currently implementing Global Fund related programs
    • Draft Op-eds and media pitches for media opportunities related to human rights issues for HIV & TB Key and Vulnerable populations in South Africa
    • Support with any graphic design needs for info-graphics and other communications material for simplified packaging of messages
    • Support AFSA’s Global Fund supported SRs, SSRs and IPOs through media opportunities for mass engagement and mobilization on issues related to the programme.
    • Public relations and stakeholder engagement for potential partnership with private sector
    • Content creation to highlight key awareness areas allocated to national or global health days or human rights activities.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Diploma or undergraduate degree in Media and Communications
  • At least 3 years’ experience in similar work
  • Experience with digital media engagement platforms, including social media
  • Experience in media analysis and reporting, such as the use of Hootsuite, Google analytics
  • Experience in digital media promotion and campaign development, such as Google Adwords and popular online campaign and petition platforms
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English and at least one other official South African language (first and second language skills in isiZulu/isiSwati/isiXhosa and Sesotho/Setswana/Sepedi will be an added advantage)
  • Knowledge and understanding of the South African communications and media landscape, especially the role of community media
  • Experience in graphic design or other online design platforms will be an added advantage.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Can work independently in a fast paced environment
  • Good project management skills

Interested candidates are invited to submit expressions of interest, including Company or personal Profile; pricing structure; and past references.

In addition, interested candidates are requested to submit the following documentation with their Expression of Interest:

  1. Company or trading entity registration certificate (in the case of a sole proprietor copy of Identity Document)
  2. Pricing schedule –summary of the applicant’s pricing structure
  3. VAT registration certificate (if registered for VAT)
  4. A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).
  5. B-BBEE status level verification certificate (unless trading below the prescribed threshold)
  6. A declaration confirming the absence of any conflict of interest; or alternatively a declaration stating any existing relationship /acquaintance with AFSA employees or Directors;
  7. Client references which relate  to relevant work previously conducted or example of successful campaigns

Applications must be signed, dated and emailed to the following address: [email protected]

Deadline for applications: 22/06/2020; 16:00