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Grant Applications

November 4, 2021

Request for Applications Terms of Reference (TOR) Advocacy Programs for Key Populations April 2019 – March 2022 Ref: RFA-AFSA-ADV-PLHV-2021


The South Africa Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (GF CCM) is responsible for leading the implementation of HIV and TB programmes funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (GF) in the country.

The GF CCM determines the content of the programming, the budget envelope, and the output and outcome indicators and targets.

The GF CCM has recommended that AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) be appointed by the GF as one of the Principal Recipients (PRs) that will implement programmes to be funded by the grant. The GF CCM decided that a PR should serve as a grants manager while sub-recipients (SRs) will be the main implementers of the programmes.

AFSA therefore invites interested non-profit organisations and government departments, experienced in the programme areas listed under the scope of work and with presence in the Mangaung districts identified, to apply to be considered as Implementing Partner Organisation (IPO). It is important to note that SRs/IPOs are recommended by the PR, but appointment is subject to GF CCM approval. Applicants are not required to submit implementation plans and budgets as part of this call for applications.


IPOs have a contractual relationship with, and are accountable to the PR. They are the direct implementers of programmes financed by GF.

The responsibilities of IPOs include the following:

  • Sign grant agreements with the PR
  • Implement grants under the oversight of the PR and GF CCM.
  • Propose changes to the PR on work plans and budgets when necessary.
  • Participate in performance review meetings to improve grant performance and impact.
  • Report on programme progress and challenges to the PR through regular reports.
  • Identify key issues and implementation bottlenecks and escalate to the PR for guidance.
  • Provide information to the PR, GF Country Team, and GF CCM and its structures when requested to do so.


The minimum requirements to serve as an IPO include:

  • Sound governance frameworks, demonstrated by, inter alia, by a diversified board and management team, and at least one year audited financial statements.
  • Appropriate staffing in key areas (programme and financial management, human resources, programme implementation and management, monitoring and evaluation and procurement management).

This call for applications seeks to identify PLHIV network organisations/ an organisation work with PLHIV that is efficient and effective implementer of the scope of work listed below. Applicants need to have implemented similar programmes before, and preferably in the Mangaung district and have capacity to implement the programme in the entire district. The advocacy programme also seeks to create greater human rights awareness among local communities and assist network organisations working for and with the most vulnerable groups in dealing with stigma and asserting their rights trough advocacy.


  • Ability to implement stigma reduction programmes for People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Promote support for PLHIV and people infected with TB and other marginalized groups
  • Support communities in Mangaung district to take local actions to reduce stigma related issues and are well informed about issues of sexuality and positive living.
  • Ensure community mobilisers per district capacitated to mobilise local actions to reduce stigma around PLHIV.

AFSA will provide all relevant training to make sure that PLHIV network organisations or NPO/CSOs know how to implement the programme.


All applicants must have a broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) level one (1) or two (2) contributor score. Applicants that do not meet the above requirement will be disqualified from further evaluation.


The evaluation of submissions will be managed by an IPO Selection Panel (ISP) which will prepare a shortlist of applicants that meet the threshold for appointment as an IPO. The PR will use the shortlist drawn by the ISP to recommend applicants to be appointed as IPO by the GF CCM. The GF CCM will make the final decision taking into account the recommendations by the PR.

The evaluation process will be conducted according to the following stages:

  • The first stage of the evaluation process assesses for compliance with pre-qualification criteria. Applications that do not comply will not be evaluated further.
  • The second stage of the evaluation process assesses compliance with administrative requirements. Applications that do not comply will not be evaluated further.
  • The third stage of the evaluation process assesses technical competency focusing on the ability to fulfil the requirements of an IPO, experience and expertise of implementing similar interventions and presence in the selected district. Applicants need to achieve a score of at least 50 points of the technical competency requirements in order to progress further.
  • The fourth stage, which is optional and at the discretion of the ISP, may involve an on-site visit to clarify details about the applicant. No points are awarded.

For applicants that satisfy the pre-qualification criteria and the administrative requirements, the weighting of the overall score is as follows:

Technical evaluation score 80%

BBBEE points 20%

Total 100%

The ISP will present its evaluation outcome to the PR for consideration and recommendation to the GF CCM for a decision on the final name for an IPO. Aggrieved applicants can lodge an appeal with the AFSA CEO within seven working days of receiving official communication of the IPO selection decision, clearly stating the grounds for appeal and providing the necessary evidence.


All applicants are required to:

Clearly mark their applications with “RFA-AFSA-ADV-PLHV-2021”. Applications must be submitted electronically and should use the same Reference in the email subject line.

  • Ensure completeness of the application form (including the attachment of all necessary supporting documentation) and not exceed recommended length of sections.
  • Attach board resolution authorising submission of application.
  • Confirm in writing that the information and statements made in the proposal submission are true and accept that any misrepresentation contained in it may lead to disqualification;
  • Ensure timely submission of all documents and reports if requested as part of the assessment of the organisation’s ability to continuously fulfil the role of an IPO; and
*DOC-01 Board resolution authorizing submission of application
*DOC-02 Proof of legal entity (NPC, Trust, NPO, Close Corporation, Pty (Ltd)).
*DOC-03 NPO registration status and confirmation of compliance with Department of Social Development requirements.
*DOC-04 Profile of the organisation showing its history and some of its work experience relevant to this application.
*DOC-05 List of board members and management, their current job titles and certified copies of IDs.
*DOC-06 Valid SARS tax clearance certificate together with tax compliance status pin.
*DOC-07 VAT Registration document

Submit application to [email protected] before the deadline of 05th November 2021 12h00. Ensure that appropriate staff are available on site, if and when, the on-site IPO capacity assessment visit is done.

Kindly click to download: AFSA Advocacy TOR,   AFSA Advocacy Application Form 2021   and   Declaration of Interest