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May 4, 2020


Component 2: Activities Protecting Human Rights


The SMALL PROJECT AND SUPPORT FUND (SPSF) aims to empower communities to act and participate in their own development through actions that are designed, implemented and owned by the communities themselves. This is a call for applications for funding for activities that provide an immediate response to Human Rights violations with a social emphasis on mitigating the effects of COVID 19. The activities will have the overall aim of empowering vulnerable communities, especially during this unfortunate time. Recognising that the current global COVID-19 crisis is not just a health crisis but also a socioeconomic crisis, its impact is cross cutting and raises a number of diverse human rights concerns. Therefore it is encouraged to consider activities that are not only implementable during the current shifting restrictions but also address issues such as access for basic needs, access to education and mental health etc.

The maximum number of organisations that can be supported annually through this component of the SPSF is 5 and the maximum grant amount is R75,000 ZAR. There are no geographical focus areas for this component.


It is intended that the grant will enable support to be provided in emergency situations to the vulnerable, marginalised and indigent individuals and communities affected by the violation of human rights during this COVID-19 pandemic.

This response to emergency situations will be made through direct financial support, which may then cover, among others :advocacy, lobbying, innovative technological developments that are aligned with mitigating human rights violations, the expense of logistics, food, legal advice/services and strengthening safety networks.

Applications may be submitted by individuals, non-governmental organisations, faith based organisations, groups/collectives working with the following aspects of human rights:


Any organisations that:

  • Are currently being supported and funded by AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) will not be eligible to apply for funds from the SPSF.
  • Are already being funded by Bread for the World (BfdW) cannot be supported through the SPSF.
  • Are part of government structures or are in any way linked to government cannot be funded.
  • Have an annual budget of more than R1.5m will not be eligible to apply.
  • Any project that requires a ‘top up’ to an existing project will not be eligible for funding.
  • The grant cannot be used to support any HIV/AIDS related work.


  • All sections of the application form provided in the link have been completed in full.
  • All required supporting documentation is submitted with the application form.


As this grant component is intended to enable an urgent response to human rights violations, applications will be acknowledged within 48 hours of the application being received with the fully completed application form and supporting documentation being provided.


All applications must be done online by completing the application form below

SPSF Component 2: Protecting Human Rights

  • Section 1: Applicant Details

  • 1.2.1 NPO Number (allocated by the Non-Profit Directorate of the DSD1.2.2 PBO Reference Number (issued by SARS)1.2.3 Income Tax Reference Number (issued by SARS)
  • 1.3.1 Name
  • Section 2: Name, objective and brief description of the programme for which funds are required

  • Section 3: Full details of groups/communities of people at risk and their circumstances

  • Section 4: Funding Needs

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, docx, xlsx, pdf.
  • Section 5: Interventions

    Provide full contact details of up to 3 people who represent the groups/communities at risk
  • Section 6: Declarations

    8. Submit a letter of declaration that is sworn in front of, and signed by, a commissioner of oaths confirming that the organisation/entity for which funding is being applied: 8.1. is not funded by BfdW; 8.2. will not use these funds as “top up’ funding for existing projects; 8.3. does not have an annual budget of more than R1.5M; 8.4. will not use any funds provided by Ukusekela to support HIV/AIDS work and 8.5. The individual (activist) has no relations with either BfdW or AFSA which may in way cause conflict of interest in this initiative.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, docx, xlsx, pdf.
  • Section 7: Attachments

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, docx, xlsx, pdf.
    Eg: Letter of support, registration documents, NPO certificate, registration documents, etc