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publication1Welcome to the AIDS Foundation of South Africa Publication and Evaluation page. At AFSA we understand how important documentation is and in our spirit of “Learning and Sharing” we are always pleased to published little resources that we have, sharing with partners and the public our works so they are of assistance to many others. Please feel free to use these materials for public benefits. Kindly note that these materials are properties of the AIDS Foundation and its partners; any use for commercial purposes and redistribution are prohibited. All rights are reserved.

AFSA – Gender, Culture and HIV Manual

AFSA – Initiation School Study

AFSA Culture and Health Programme Evaluation

AFSA Evaluation – Atlantic Philanthropies Funded Programme: May 2010

AFSA – From Boys to Men: Culture and Health

Circumcision Charter Poster

Circumcision Charter

Culture and Health – Khoi San Newsletter

Culture and Health LGBTI Newsletter

Culture and Health Programme – Final Report

Integrated Community Care Report

Male Circumcision HIV and Health

Review of Swedish Support to the HIV AIDS Programmes in South Africa 2004 – 2013

Rural Men’s Initiative Baseline Report

San Baseline Research Report

Traditional Health Practitioners Policy Forum Report – Final

Treatment Literacy Manual

What Does It Mean to be Real Man – AFSA Culture and Health

Xhosa Circumcision Charter Booklet

"Outstanding" Evaluation

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