Our Implementing Partners

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Clermont Community Resource Centre

The centre is based in the industrialised area of Pinetown. The grant from AFSA contributes to the overall work of the organisation which includes paralegal activities, HIV/AIDS counseling, and community dialogues which strategically place men as partners to address structural issues surrounding gender inequalities.

Contact: +27 31 707 1653 (t) nyamiembhele@yahoo.com (e)

Ethembeni HIV/AIDS Ministry

Based at Mpophomeni, this social outreach organisation focuses on caring for sick and vulnerable individuals affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. They implement the Combination HIV Prevention Programme using biomedical, behavioral and structural interventions through Health Days, MMC Support Groups and Community Dialogue.

Contact: (+27) 033 330 5943 (t) director@ethembeni.co.za (e)

Gcinisizwe HIV & AIDS and Orphan Project

Gcinisizwe operates in the area of Rietvlei in the Sisonke district. The organisation offers home-based care to terminally ill clients and the aged, care for OVC, and assists the community with applications for legal documents and social grants. The AFSA grant contributes towards the operational costs of the organisation.

Contact: (+27) 083 349 1763 (t) gcinisizweproject@gmail.com (e)

Ilungelo Training and Development

Ilungelo was established in the Sisonke district by local women in response to the impact of poverty, disease and unemployment. The organisation provides counselling, health promotion information, paralegal and social auxiliary services.

Contact: (+27) 072 099 9637 (t) lungelohc@gmail.com (e)

Isibane Sezwe

Situated in eGugwini in the Sisonke district, Isibane Sezwe works with people living with HIV/AIDS as well as orphaned and vulnerable children. Isibane Sezwe focuses on addressing issues of health, poverty and the well-being of vulnerable communities by conducting home-based care, child care and awareness campaigns within their community.

Contact: (+27) 035 591 0793 (t)

Kathleen Voysey Clinic

This clinic operates in the Berea area of Durban and runs a primary health care clinic for people living on the streets, those living with HIV/AIDS and the unemployed.

Contact: (+27) 031 266 6464 (t) ben_chris@telkomsa.net (e)

The Khuphuka Project

This HIV/AIDS community outreach program serves the Mqatsheni, KwaPitela and KwaThunzi tribal areas falling within the KwaSani municipality. They deliver home-based care, child protection, youth work, paralegal services, HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT), as well as awareness and education programmes to those communities facing poverty, exclusion and lack of resources.

Contact: (+27) 033 7011138 (t) shmlibeni@webmail.co.za (e)

LifeLine Pietermaritzburg

Based in Pietermaritzburg, this organization is dedicated to improving emotional health and wellbeing in the context of counseling and support. The AFSA related programmes are implemented in uMkhambathini local municipalities. LifeLine implements the Combination HIV Prevention Programmes using biomedical, behavioral and structural interventions through Health Days, Male Medical Circumcision (MMC) support groups and Community Dialogue.

Contact: (+27) 033 342 4447 (c) director@lifeonline.co.za (e)

Nqutu AIDS Committee

This organisation operates in the rural area of Nqutu in Umzinyathi district, providing home-based care and child support services to vulnerable households in 10 tribal areas. It operates a play centre, after-school care and a soup kitchen for primary and secondary school children. It also hosts and facilitates income-generating activities, community education initiatives, support groups and training.

Contact: (+27) 034 271 5438 (t) nqutuaidscommittee@gmail.com (e)

St Mary’s Community Outreach Programme

St Mary’s supports two community-care centres in the Marianhill area, which focus on care of children and their development. The two centres – St Wendolin’s and Luganda – implement interventions such as a food security programme, identification and support for child-headed households and providing education and stimulation through Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Contact: (+27) 031 7171024 (t) outreach@stmarys.co.za (e)

Siyahlanganisa Training Centre

Based in the eThekwini district, this organisation provides comprehensive education and training and targets leaders and members of local churches to become change agents in their communities. Training provided covers HIV/AIDS Literacy, behaviour change communication, health promotion, home-based care, empowerment and counselling of families and children.

Contact: (+27) 031 2661442 (t) mwholl@mweb.co.za (e)

Thandanani Children’s Foundation

An organization focused on strengthening families and caring for orphaned and vulnerable children reaches the peri-urban area of Umsunduzi municipality in 37 wards; with a strong focus on Combination Prevention for HIV/AIDS.

Contact: (+27) 033 345 1857 (t) duncan@thandanani.org.za (e)

Umvoti AIDS Centre

This centre serves the rural community near Greytown in uThukela district. Services include work with orphaned and vulnerable children, people living with HIV/AIDS, support groups, income-generating, food security projects and paralegal and auxiliary social work services.

Contact: (+27) 0334132746 (t) umvotiaids@umvoti.co.za (e)

Zisize Educational Trust

This CBO is situated in uMkhanyakude district, northern KwaZulu-Natal. It works with a number of primary schools to create caring school environments in an effort to address the challenges faced by orphaned and vulnerable children as a result of HIV/AIDS, poverty and abuse. They currently provide psychosocial support, statutory social services as well as HIV education and referrals to relevant service providers. Zisize also operates an early childhood development centre, a library, and a homework club.

Contact (+27) 035 572 5500 (t) hlengiwe.mthimkulu@gmail.com (e)


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Sekhutlong Home Based Care

This CBO is located in Botshabelo, and provides services to the community to strengthen the care environment for very young children and their primary caregivers by assisting them to facilitate access to legal documents, social security grants and early childhood development programmes. The organisation also assists in strengthening the coping mechanisms of primary caregivers. The AFSA grant contributed to the organisation’s ‘Strengthening Care Environment for Children and their Families Project’.

Contact (+27) 051 534 8756 (t) sekhutlonghbc@telkomsa.net (e)

Tshepanang HIV&AIDS Project Centre

This organisation is situated in Smithfield, south of Bloemfontein. The focus is on improving the care environment for very young children and their primary caregivers to access legal documents, social security grants and early childhood development programmes. The organisation also engages in multi-sectoral collaboration to influence policies. The AFSA grant was used to support their work with children. Contact (+27) 079 590 9962 (t) tshepanangpc@yahoo.com (e)


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Balwantwa Home Based Care

Home Based Care is the main service provided by Balwantwa to the communities of Bolubedu South. However, their work has recently expanded tothe promotion of gender based equality interventions and childcare support for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Contact (+27) 0827189046 (t) balwantwacbo@gmail.com (e)

Dzekula Development Organisation

Based in Letaba, Mopani district, Dzekula provides home-based care and support for people living with HIV. They also provide OVC support through their drop in centre and food security for their beneficiaries through their gardening project. Contact (+27) 0725979368 (t) ddohasila@webmail.co.za (e)

Enable Community Project

This organisation implements childcare, greenery and gardening and income generation projects in Maruleng, Mopani. They also have bakery project as well as a gender mainstreaming programme.

Contact (+27) 0825804555 (t) jmaaso@yahoo.com (e)

Holani Home Based Care

This organisation provides home based care, psychosocial support to orphans and vulnerable children and gender based programme focused on gender equity and equality based in Giyani, Mopani district.

Contact (+27) 076 011 6989 (t) mawid@webmail.co.za (e)

Itukisetseng Home Based Care

The main focus of the organisation is home based care interventions and support of children who are orphaned or vulnerable because of the impact of HIV & AIDS. They have recently added a gender based programme and food security programmes. Contact: (+27) 082 3044 837 (t)

Lepelle Health and Social Services Consortium

This organisation implements programmes that support orphaned and vulnerable children by ensuring that needy children have psychosocial support and access to basic services. They also run income generating activities through their poultry and the greenery projects and additionally focus on gender equality programmes through gender awareness programmes and gender community dialogues based in Tzaneen, Mopani.

Contact: (+27)072 563 3353 (t) or lepelleconsortiummpk@gmail.com (e)

Lulama Health Development Organisation

Through home visits by the community care workers this organisation provides family support and child protection and wellbeing services as well as food security. The provision of daily meals, home work supervision, educational support, aftercare services, psychosocial support, and referrals of grants renewals is priority. This organisation also provides health promotional activities, food gardens, and a gender based-violence support programme based in Giyani, Mopani.

Contact: (+27) 076 650 8096 (t) or robertboster@gmail.com (e)

Lulekani Home Based Care

Lulekani based in Phalaborwa provides childcare support for OVCs through their drop in centre whereby children are provided with nutritious meals, homework support and ensuring that children access basic needs and services. The organisation has an integrated gender equality programme with their HIV&AIDS interventions that is, the community dialogues in ran in highly affected areas of gender-based violence.

Contact (+27) 015 783 0436 (t) or richardndlovu55@yahoo.com (e)

 Maruleng Community Home Based Care

This organisation provides home based care services to clients mainly direct observation of treatment, home nursing and palliative care to the terminally ill patients. Furthermore they have a child support programme which ensures that orphaned and vulnerable children are identified, assessed and are able to access services entitled to them. They additionally implement a gender equality programme by organizing community dialogues and a focused on poverty alleviation through poultry farming. Contact: (+27) 072 014 7212 (t) or promisen004@gmail.com (e)

Makhushane Home Community Based Care

Is a home based care organisation that has extended its services to a drop in centre for orphaned and vulnerable children(OVC) whereby they provide daily meals and support. Furthermore to the organization will develop a greenery project to support the drop in centre and also for income generation based in Phalaborwa, Mopani. Contact: (+27) 015 769 2127 (t)

Matlala Advice Office

This organization’s central focus is human rights issues, as a result they have recognised the dire need for home based care and they now aim to provide holistic services in the form of HIV/AIDS support to people living with HIV/AIDS families and affected families. They also conduct health promotion, gender equality and food security n activities.

Contact: (+27) 072 758 0175 or matlalaadviceoffice@gmail.com

Mohlanatsi Integrated Rural Development Programme

Mohlanatsi has a poultry farming project for income generation and provides support for orphaned and vulnerable children with a drop-in-centre based in Selwana Village. They are focused on ensuring that children have psychosocial support and access to basic services. Additionally they run gender quality programme through interactive community dialogues.

Contact: (+27) 082 564 6214 (t) mohlanatsi@mweb.co.za (e)

Modjadji V Group

Modjadji provides a child support programme and has a drop in centre. They run income generating activities through the vegetable garden as well as food security for the vulnerable in the community. The organization also provides home-based care and runs a gender mainstreaming programme based in .

Contact : (+27) 0726215864 (t) or kholomawm@gmail.com (e)

Mmakoma Drop In Centre

Mmakoma Drop-in Centre, in focused mainly on the support of OVCs and support of their families who were made vulnerable by the effects of HIV & AIDS. They provide daily cooked meals, aftercare and supervision, positive reinforcement and life skills education. Mmakoma also assists families with accessing social grants.

Contact: (+27) 078 157 9674 or 0731461427@mtmloaded.co.za (e)

Ongola Community Based Organisation

The organisation operates in 15 villages in Tzaneen. Their work covers a range of aspects such as home-based care, child protection and support and gender mainstreaming programmes through conducting community dialogues and educational activities for the identified communities that report gender based violence and other gender related issues.

Contact: (+27)082 225 0786 (t) or anne.choice@mweb.co.za (e)

Phakgamang Re Tiisane

Based in Phalaborwa, this organisation provides home based care to the terminally ill as well as a strong focus on treatment adherence. Furthermore they provide HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns through HCT education, prevention and primary healthcare and a gender mainstreaming.

Contact: (+27) 083 597 2419 (t) and phakgamong@gmail.com (e)

Retswelapele Home Based care

This organization is one of the CBOs based on the Capricorn District and is operating in the Blouberg Municipality which implements and child support programmes or OVCs who are identified by the community care workers who provide home-based care. There is also gender mainstreaming programmes implemented through interactive community dialogue.

Contact: (+27) 082 791 8528 (t)

Thabang Home Based Care

This organisation addresses HIV & AIDS issues through home based care interventions and a communal food gardening project. They conduct comprehensive health promotion programmes, provide food security and gender mainstreaming programme.

Contact :072 399 2612 (t) or thabanghomebasedcare@yahoo.com (e)

The Good Samaritan Care Services

Runs a drop in centre for the OVCs and provides family support, as well as educational and motivational support for the children. They also have a food security programme whereby they provide food parcels to families in need based in Lepelle Nkumpi. Contact: (+27) 084 822 9237 (t)

Vuyeriwani Development Organisation

This organisation provides support for orphaned and vulnerable children, home-based care, and food security in the form of a greenery project (vegetable gardens) and runs a comprehensive gender mainstreaming programme.

Contact: (+27) 0834042164 (t) or gazagaza@webmail.co.za (e)


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Mahlungulu Foundation for Community and Individual Development

This organisation operates in the rural area of Sikelweni location in the district of O.R. Tambo. It provides comprehensive care and support programmes to vulnerable groups in the community. The AFSA grant supported the range of programmes which include HIV/AIDS services and educational programmes, community and individual development of life skills and capacity development, as well as care and support for OVC.

Contact: 083 877 6624 (t) or mahlungulufoundation@gmail.com (e)

Nceduluntu Home Based Care Organisation

This organisation is based in the rural settlement of Chithwa village, in the Alfred Nzo district. Programme activities include home-based care, support to OVC and education and awareness on HIV/AIDS. It also runs a programme dealing with the issue of domestic violence, as well as a programme reuniting terminally ill clients with their estranged families.

Contact : (+27) 073 450 2453 (t) or nceduluntu@gmail.com (e)

Siyakhana Support Group

Siyakhana is made up of a network of support groups of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Mbizana area of O.R. Tambo district. Their programme provides psychosocial support and facilitates the formation of satellite support groups through the St Patrick’s Hospital and local clinics. As well as implementing care and support programmes, the members of the groups also engage in micro-enterprise and food gardening activities.

Contact: (+27) 078 133 3773 (t) or siyakhana.org@gmail.com (e)

Sizophila Community and Child Help Organisation

Sizophila is based in the Mbizana area within the O.R. Tambo district. Programmes include care for OVC, home-based care services and referring people to government departments for documents, social grants and services.

Contact: (+27) 073 551 4594 (t) or sizophilacbo@yahoo.com (e)

Ubuntu Hospice

This organisation is situated in the Lubhacweni village of Mount Frere in the Alfred Nzo district. Its work includes primary health care, child care, community capacity building and poverty alleviation programmes.

Contact: 072 408 4576 or ubuntucare@yahoo.com (e)

Yizani Home Based Care Project

This organisation operates in the Emathafeni area in the Ukhahlamba district. It provides home-based care and OVC services to vulnerable households in six villages to address challenges brought about by HIV/AIDS-related issues. Programmes include home nursing, buying school uniforms for vulnerable children and gardening.

Contact: (+27) 073 838 8597 (t) oryizanihomebasedcare@yahoo.com (e)



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Boikobo Home Based Care

The organisation was started in 1991 by the community of Gadiboe village, about 65km north of Kuruman, in response to social issues. The programmes that they run includes Home Based Care, supporting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, caring for the aged and disabled and a gardening project.

Contact: 082 665 8668 (t) or boikobohbc@webmail.co.za (e)

Dingleton Community Health Care Workers Project

The project operates in Dingleton, a mining area (iron ore and manganese) with a large influx of migrant and contract workers. There is a high rate of teenage pregnancy, STIs and HIV infections. The project runs programmes in home based care, psycho-social support, a soup kitchen, early childhood development and support for OVCs.

Contact: (+27) 053 724 2202 (t) or dingletonchcwp@gmail.com

Kgatelopele Social Development Forum

The organisation was established in 2000 after identifying the need to care for the terminally ill, orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), TB clients, the aged and frail in the community as well as assistance with application for social security grants and legal documents (IDs, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates). The organisation provides home based care, support for orphaned and vulnerable children, food security, an HIV & AIDS programme and psycho-social support. Contact: 053 384 1759 (t) jeanette.ksdf@gmail.com (e)

Masikhathalelane Multi Complex Organisation

MAMUCO was founded on 15 January 2005 by a faith-based organisation in Masibambane, Petrusville, which borders Northern Cape and Free State MAMUCO focuses on providing assistance to social and health issues such as the elderly, orphaned and vulnerable children, physically challenged people and people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

Contact: (+27) 071 034 2654 (t) or PUSIM@elections.org.za (e)

Ogone Home Based Care

The organisation was established in 2000 after identifying the need to care for the terminally ill, orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), TB clients, the aged and frail in the community as well as assistance with application for social security grants and legal documents (IDs, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates), the organisation focuses on home based care, OVC Programme, vegetable gardening, HIV & AIDS Programme and Facilitating access to legal documents and social security grants.

Contact: (+27) 073 547 3924 (t) or pelontlej@webmail.co.za (e)

Richtersveld Advice Office (RAO)

RAO was established in March 1992 and operates from Port Nolloth, a small town on the West Coast in the Namaqua district of the Northern Cape. The organisation was formed as a result of the critical need for paralegal advice and the lack of skilled human resources to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship. The office is involved in raising awareness around human rights and paralegal issues, youth career development, and HIV and AIDS issues.

Contact: (+27) 027 851 8070 (t) or pnadvice@mweb.co.za

Steinkopf Advice Office (SAO)

SAO operates in Steinkopf, a small town outside Springbok in the Namaqua district. The town is situated about 70 kms from the Namibian border, so there is a high influx of Namibians. The organisation started in 1992 as a community forum to address issues of human rights, but developed into an advice office focusing on human rights, including employee rights and consumer rights; HIV and AIDS; social security; birth registration and domestic violence. Their purpose is to provide free information and advice to the entire community, with the aim of educating and empowering the community.

Contact: (+27) 027 721 8362 (t) or steinkop@telkomsa.net (e)

Tshepo ya Sechaba

Tshepo ya Sechaba is a registered community based organisation that provides care and support to people living with HIV & AIDS, people living with disabilities, TB patients, people with chronic conditions/ailments, affected families, orphans and vulnerable children, the organisation focuses on home based care, psycho-social programme, OVC programme and HIV & AIDS campaigns.

Contact: 053 531 1121 (t) or EddieManuel@dikgatlong.co.za (e)


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