Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Department’s provides comprehensive training that enhances skills, development and organisational support for AFSA’s CBO partners countrywide.

The training capacity is made up of accredited and non-accredited training. Our accredited training is certified by the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) of South Africa. There are range of areas that are covered and are tailor made to suite the context and background of specific organisational groups or participants.

The main focus is primarily on providing accredited and unit standard aligned training courses, and in so doing the aim is to equip CBOs with practicable technical skills to enhance their capacity in their areas of operation. This strategic skills development enables them to effectively plan, implement, monitor and evaluate their work. They are furthermore capacitated to build the organisational capacity of  good governance and long-term sustainability.

Exclusive training from our experienced trainers is offered to you and your organisation should you be interested to further your capacity within various areas.

Our Course Listing:

Name of Course Duration Course Fee
Cooperative Governance 4 days R2500.00
Financial Management for CBOs 3 days R2000.00
Policy Development Training 3 days R2000.00
Project Management for CBOs 5 days R5000.00
Office Management 4 days R3500.00
Monitoring and Evaluation 5 days R5000.00
NGO Management System 3 days R4000.00
Basic Computer Training 5 days R4500.00
Mentoring and Coaching 2 days R2000.00
Resource Mobilization/ Fundraising 4 days R3500.00
Community Dialogues for Facilitators 3 days R3000.00
Gender Training 3 days R4000.00
Psychosocial Support for Caregivers 5 days R5000.00
Child Protection training 4 days R4000.00
HIV Counselling 10 days R8000.00
Treatment Literacy 10 days R8000.00
Nutrition Training 5 days R5000.00
Early Childhood Development 10 days R8500.00
Ancillary Health Care QualificationIncluding:

Home-Based Care

Establishing Good Nutrition

HIV Education

First Aid

Health Promotion

Community Needs Assessment Skills

12 months R11000.00