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Welcome to the AIDS Foundation of South Africa

AFSA is a development organisation that exists to mitigate the impacts of HIV and AIDS and poverty, through the implementation of health and community development projects in vulnerable communities. AFSA has strategically positioned itself to work in partnership with CBOs and NGOs because of their access and close proximity to target communities and populations. Through its practice of partnering with, and capacitating, local organisations AFSA has succeeded in extending the reach of good quality programmes and interventions into remote, marginalised, and hard-to-reach communities. While extending reach is key objective, developing local capacity to manage, implement, monitor and evaluate local programming is equally important. AFSA's success in both these areas is widely known in South Africa.

Grants Making

Central to the work of AFSA is Grant Making which is the process of bringing in funds and distributing them to our respective implementing partners . This is crucial as a large portion of our implementing partners are grassroots organisations based in rural and vulnerable communities.

Community Development

IKUSASA is a Sustainable Community Development Division of the AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA). Sustainable Community Development was adopted as a strategy and an operational approach for IKUSASA with the focus on community development

Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Department’s provides comprehensive training that enhances skills, development and organisational support for AFSA’s CBO partners countrywide. Our accredited training is certified by the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) of South Africa.

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Our donors

The work performed by the AIDS Foundation of South Africa and its Sub-Recipient Partners is financed through generous grant investments and donations from the following donors: