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Purpose of Role

The successful candidate shall be responsible for monitoring and tracking the financial expenditure, ensuring measures and controls are put in place to manage and mitigate identified risks as well as collaborate with programme partners and internal auditors to identify and effectively manage new and potential future risks in order to strengthen and improve organisational governance. The Risk and Accounting Officer will ensure compliance of the SIDA grant sub-recipients (SRs), prepare periodic financial reports for submission to the CFO and SIDA as well as ensure that SRs properly prepare their accounts and financial records for the annual external audit by providing accounting support. In addition, the Risk and Accounting Officer will be required to orientate and train SRs on SIDA Programme financial management and compliance policies and procedures, provide technical assistance to SRs and monitor and track the programme risk register.

This position will be based primarily at the organisation’s Head Office in Durban, however visits to sub-recipient organisations shall be required from time to time. The successful applicant should possess analytical skills and a good eye for detail and be able to work in a high pressure environment.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the overall Progamme Risk and Accounting function
  • Assess the internal management and control of AFSA and sub recipients on the SIDA programme
  • Identify any weaknesses in internal management and control and provide recommendation for improvement
  • Ensure that AFSA and programme sub recipients have an existing and effective system of internal management procedures and control
  • Make recommendations for the management and improvement on the areas of risk
  • Compile risk registers for AFSA and sub recipients
  • Monitoring and Tracking status of the Programme Risk Register
  • Monitor internal control systems and ensure controls are implemented and applied consistently
  • Provide technical assistance to Sub-Recipients on control measures and risk mitigation processes and the implementation thereof
  • Manage the Risk Register/s Catalogue / file documentary evidence of compliance, control measures, processes and actions taken to manage and mitigate risks.
  • Monitor the implementation and adequacy of internal control systems at Sub-Recipient organisations;
  • Regular physical site visits to sub recipients to assess risk management and financial management
  • Monitor and track Sub Recipient monthly expenditure reporting Input of Budget changes on the reporting tool and tracking of Budgets to make sure they are in line with GF rules
  • Induction and training of Sub Recipients on the systems and reporting tools
  • Review Sub Recipients Reports & disbursement of funds to SRs
  • Handling of queries relating to over/ under spend funds
  • Advise Sub Recipients on the budget re-allocation approval process and guidelines
  • Regular site visits to sub recipients
  • Responsible for the full accounting function of the programme
  • Prepare all financial donor reports
  • Coordinate recoveries for salaries, overheads and loans from programme account
  • Coordinate the programme audit
  • Manage programme budget
  • Coordinate programme audit/s
  • Responsible for the daily financial management of programme
  • Check and authorise code allocations on requests for the programme expenditure
  • Review all transactions for the programme


  • Bachelor of Commerce or Internal Auditing degree or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in finance, risk management or compliance within an NGO or Civil Society Organisation
  • Numerical skills and ability to evaluate costs
  • Demonstrate strong planning and organisational skills
  • Attention to detail and good problem solving skills requiring minimal or no input from Manager
  • Analytical with ability to work well under pressure and work extended hours as required to meet programme deliverables
  • Ability to work with minimal or no supervision or review of work from Manager
  • Ability to express ideas both verbally and in written form in comprehensive manner
  • Valid driver’s license with at least one year’s driving experience

Integrity checks will be conducted on all shortlisted candidates, reference checks and competency assessments will be conducted from the 20-22 December 2017 or 8-10 January so please ensure if you apply that you will be available during these periods. All candidates are to send their CV, certified copies of qualification and a 1 page cover letter to with subject “Risk and Accounting Officer” no later than 14h00 Friday, 15 December 2017. Please note that late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Request for Applications

Terms of Reference (TOR)

HIV & TB Prevention Programs for Vulnerable Populations in Hotspots

(ILembe District)

Ref: RFA-AFSA-HSPTS2017-03

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes made to this RFA and all relevant documents will be posted on AFSA’s website:


AFSA                            AIDS Foundation of South Africa

AIDS                             Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

ART                              Anti-Retroviral Therapy

CCM                            Country Coordinating Mechanism

DOH                            Department of Health

GBV                             Gender Based Violence

GF                                The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

HCT                             HIV Counselling and Testing

HTS                              HIV Testing Services

HIV                              Human Immunodeficiency Virus

IEC                               Information, Education, Communication

KP                                Key Populations

LFA                              Local Funding Agent

M&E                            Monitoring and Evaluation

MSM                           Men Sleeping with Men

NSP                              National Strategic Plan

PCA                              Provincial Council for AIDS

PEP                              Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

PR                                Principal Recipient

PWID                           People Who Inject Drugs

QA                               Quality Assurance

RFA                              Request for Application

SAPS                            South African Police Services

SAW                             Social Auxiliary Worker

SR                                Sub-Recipient

SSR                              Sub-sub-recipient

SW                               Sex Worker

SS&CF                          Stepping Stones & Creating Futures

TCC                              Thuthuzela Care Centres

TG                                Trans Gender

TVET                            Technical, Vocational, Education and Training

TOR                             Terms of Reference


The AIDS Foundation of South Africa is a Principal Recipient (PR) of the of the Global Fund Grant (GF) awarded to South Africa for the period: 2016-2019.

AFSA is seeking to appoint suitably qualified and experienced Non-Profit Organisation as a sub-recipient (SR) to implement the HIV & TB Prevention Program targeting vulnerable populations within specified ‘hotspot’ areas in the ILembe district (KwaDukuza Local Municipality) in KwaZulu Natal. Organisation registered as a Faith Based Organizations (FBO’s) will be in an advantage and also organisations operating in ILembe district will have advantage during selection process.

  • Global Fund Grant

The South African Global Fund Program is titled Investing for Impact against Tuberculosis and HIV. The aim of the GF Grant is to bolster the country’s national response, adding value to the substantial commitments from the South African government and other funding partners. The overall goals of the GF are:

  • To reduce new HIV infections by at least 50% using combination prevention approaches
  • To initiate at least 80% of eligible patients on antiretroviral treatment (ART), with 70% alive and on treatment five years after initiation
  • To reduce the number of new TB infections as well as deaths from TB by 50%
  • To ensure an enabling and accessible legal framework that protects and promotes human rights in order to support implementation of the NSP
  • To reduce self-reported stigma related to HIV and TB by at least 50%

1.2 AIDS Foundation South Africa (AFSA)

AFSA was established and registered in December 1988 making it one of the oldest indigenous HIV and AIDS organizations in South Africa.  AFSA is a development organisation that exists to support local, national and regional efforts to reduce new HIV, STI and TB infections, address the social and structural drivers of HIV, remove the barriers to the realisation of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), and build resilient communities.

AFSA has strategically positioned itself to work in partnership with CBOs and NGOs because of their access and close proximity to vulnerable communities and target populations. AFSA has worked as a donor intermediary for the past 29 years, managing and disbursing funds to sub-recipients, developing and strengthening their capacity, monitoring and tracking their performance, and reporting and accounting to the back donors. AFSA’s head office is based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

1.3 Purpose of Request for Applications (RFA)

AFSA is seeking to appoint a Non-Profit Organisation to work in specific hotspot sites within the ILembe district (KwaDukuza Local Municipality) targeting Young Women and Girls (YW&G) aged 10 – 24 years and men aged 20 – 49 years at risk of HIV and TB.

The role of each SR shall be to:

  • Implement defined program activities and deliverables as contracted;
  • Use funds in accordance with the contractual agreement and maintain accounting records in accordance to standards agreed in writing with the PR
  • Submit reports outlining service delivery progress and financial activities tied to each service on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Monitor and evaluate the delivery of the program activities.

AFSA has developed a rigorous sub-award screening and selection process to ensure that suitable SRs with the required experience, infrastructure and requisite skills are appointed to implement the defined services.

This document provides terms of reference (TOR) to prospective SRs wanting to apply for to implement the program.


AFSA is seeking to appoint a Non-Profit Organisation as sub-recipient to implement HIV prevention education package, render HCT services and other basic health services to communities in hotspots areas of ILembe district KwaZulu-Natal.

Appointed SRs shall be required to perform the following scope of work:

  1. Conduct community outreach work with Young Women and Girls aged 10 – 24 years and men aged 20 – 49 years as well as other vulnerable populations at risk to provide HIV, TB prevention education and linkages to care, support and other resources;
  • Provide condom, lubricants and related behavioral change programmes
  • Provide community based HIV Testing/TB screening services including homebased testing, index testing and mobile testing.
  • Provide HIV, TB and STI Treatment initiation and linkage to care


The proposed methodology to achieve the objectives is to have three tactical standard teams on the ground undertaking door to door visits and community awareness programs.  This approach is a very tactical, ground level approach designed to be highly visible and effective. This approach places more emphasis on active case findings as opposed to passive case finding, grounded on Operation Sukuma Sakhe.

Standard technical team

The standard team will comprise of a Professional Nurse, an enrolled nurse, a data capturer/administration/driver 6 lay councilors and 6 CCGs.


The program output targets per SR are as follow:

Indicator: Number of other vulnerable populations reached with HIV and TB prevention programs – individual and/or smaller group level interventions;

Indicator: Number of other vulnerable populations that have received an HIV and Testing Services (HTS) during the reporting period and know their results

Ward number Primary population (YW&G) 10-24 years 60% target for Primary population (YW&G) 10-24 years per ward Secondary population (Men)

20-49 years

40% target for secondary population (Men) 20-49 years per ward
1 2391 1435 1421.49 568.596
3 1602 961 1494.99 597.996
7 3249 1949 2719.5 1087.8
8 2415 1449 2012.43 804.972
11 2520 1512 2131.5 852.6
14 2586 1552 1990.38 796.152
17 1728 1037 1558.2 623.28
18 2547 1528 2037.42 814.968
21 2175 1305 1689.03 675.612
22 2322 1393 2712.15 1084.86
23 3411 2047 2779.77 1111.908
24 3639 2183 2870.91 1148.364
25 2844 1706 1468.53 587.412
26 1935 1161 1630.23 652.092
27 2232 1339 1340.64 536.256
Total 37595 22557 29857 11943


Applicants are required to prepare a budget using the budget template provided (Annex A).  The budget template includes ‘indicative’ 15 months grant allocations per SR, for the contract period. These are approximate amounts of how much shall be awarded to the SR.

The purpose of this exercise is for SR applicants to cost the various inputs and activities that shall be undertaken to implement and manage the defined scope of work for 15 months grant period (refer to Program Description & output targets above).  Eligible expense categories and line items are also listed in the budget template.


In order to be considered for selection as SR, the applicant organisation must:

  • Be a South African registered legal entity
  • Be operative in the target district will be an advantage
  • Be experienced in relevant areas of service delivery
  • Have a functional board of directors and management team
  • Possess adequate organisational capacity in terms of finance, monitoring and evaluation, and risk management systems.

Copies of the following supporting documents are to be submitted with the application form:

Programme Management Supporting Documents

  • Founding Documents – Registration as a legal entity (Constitution, Articles, Certificate of Incorporation, etc.) (Annex 1)
  • NPO registration (Annex 1.1)
  • Official organizational document of board membership (Annex 1.2)
  • Organizational Management and Leadership organogram (Annex 1.3)
  • Program work plan (Annex 1.4)
  • Annual Report, organisational profile and capacity statement (Annex 1.5)
  • Letters of support, MOUs, SLAs (Annex 1.6)
  • Previous reports to funders (Annex 1.7)

Monitoring and Evaluation Management Supporting Documents

  • Programme M&E plans (Annex 2)
  • Electronic data management systems (Annex 2.1)
  • M&E SOPs with data collection tools (Annex 2.2)
  • Reporting templates (Annex 2.3)
  • Team meetings (feedback sessions minutes) (Annex 2.4)
  • Risk management plan (Annex 2.5)

Financial Management Supporting Documents

  • Managements accounts (financial statements – older than 1 year) (Annex 3)
  • Audited Financial statement for the last financial year end (Annex 4)
  • Registered PBO (SARS) (Annex 5)
  • PAYE & UIF Registered (Annex 6)
  • VAT Registered (Annex 7)
  • Tax clearance (Annex 8)
  • Pastel accounting system or any other electronic reporting system (ERP) (Annex 9)
  • Organisational policies (Procurement policy, HR policy, finance policy) (Annex 10)
  • Organisational and programme budgets (annual) (Annex 11)
  • For new entities copy of at least one Annual Financial Statement; 12 months bank statements and letter from a partner organisation committed to providing financial management support (Annex 12)
  • Banking system (Annex 13)
  • Organisational finance reporting tools (Annex 14)
  • BBBEE Verification – Certificate, or letter from practicing qualified accountant if an exempt micro enterprise (Annex 15)

Organisations that fail to submit the required supporting documents will be disqualified from the selection process.

Organizations wishing to apply are required to email completed applications, including required supporting documentation, to: or alternatively hand deliver documents to AFSA offices: 135 Musgrave Rd,  2nd  Floor Standard Bank Building, Durban by 12h00 on 08th  December 2017. Email applications & attachments must not exceed 10MB in size. Please include the reference “Hotspots SR Application ILembe” in the subject line of emailed applications.

Applicants will be advised of their application status within four weeks from the closing date for submission of the RFA.  Organisations that qualify for pre-selection as SR may be required to make a presentation to the evaluation panel and will undergo an on-site capacity assessment within the period of six weeks. The final selection of SRs is subject to approval by the South African Country Co-ordinating Mechanism (CCM) and the Global Fund.


The ‘Hotspots’ Program Budget Template:  Excel Version of Template can be downloaded below or requested by email:

Budget Template for Hotspots Programme Hotspots SR Application Form AFSA Hotspots RFA Advert AFSA

Hotspots RFA Advert AFSA

Hotspots SR Application Form AFSA

Call for Proposals: To Conduct a Desk-top Situational Analysis for Economic Strengthening and Health Project Targeting Youth in eThekwini North.

REF:  REQ02732

Opportunity closing date: 

04 December 2017 at 08h00


The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) is a development organisation that exists to mitigate the impacts of HIV and AIDS and poverty through the implementation of health and community development projects in vulnerable communities. AFSA was awarded a grant by FHI 360 to implement the Bridge Project: Support, Prepare and Engage Vulnerable Youth (in eThekwini North (Inanda, Ntuzuma & Kwa Mashu).

This Bridge Project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and managed by FHI 360.

This program will be rolled out in the eThekwini North sub-district of the eThekwini Metro.  The interventions will be directed at orphaned and vulnerable children and youth (OVCY), adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) most at risk, with the aim of strengthening the resilience of the individual, the family unit and the larger community through targeted interventions that address vulnerability at each level. This will enable the beneficiaries to become more resilient, be active participants in their development trajectory, and to negotiate and manage the negative effects of HIV on their economic status.  Interventions will develop the human capital of beneficiaries, assisting them to strengthen their productive asset base.  Through skills-building and development, beneficiaries will have a better understanding of the job market and become more employable. Lastly, interventions will develop the emotional coping mechanisms of individuals, households and the community, ultimately strengthening the connective social capital within the locality.

The plan is to focus on these 18 Wards in eThekwini north during the program cycle.

No Area Ward
1 Lindelani 38
2 Kwamashu(C,D,A) 40
3 Ntuzuma B (KwaMashu j, Ntuzuma B, Siyanda C 41
4 Soweto (Ntuzuma G, Ntuzuma J, Soweto) 42
5 Ntuzuma E &F 43
6 Emachobeni (amatikwe, Emachobeni, Phola Mission) 44
7 KwaMashu L, Lindelani C, Ntuzuma C 45
8 KwaMashu E 46
9 KwaMashu (Bester, KwaMashu F, KwaMashu M, KwaMashu Q) 47
10 Waterloo 51
11 Extension, Westham, White City Zimbabwe 52
12 Cuba&Lusaka( Amaoti, Cuba, Lusaka 1, Lusaka 2, Namibia, Terene Park 53
13 Emzomusha 54
14 Congo(Congo, Inanda Glebe, Mshayazafe, Newtown A and Ohlange
15 Ekafuleni A; Goqokazi, Langalibalele C, Tafula Inanda 56
16 Zambia(Langalibale, Tanzania, Zambia ) 57
17 (Inanda) 58
18 Hambanathi 62

AFSA is calling for proposals from consultant/s to conduct a desk top situational analysis to identify the main socio- economic and health challenges faced by youth in eThekwini north (Inanda, Ntuzuma  & Kwa Mashu); and to map community assets, youth and community networks, available resources, government programs and potential private sector and business skills development opportunities for youth in the sub-district.

Bridge Project Objectives

Outcome Indicator 1

To increase the number of youth between the ages of 15-21 years old who receive a package of evidence-based socio-economic interventions that equip them with the assets and skills they need to negotiate livelihood choices and health behaviors that lead to better health outcomes and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on this vulnerable group.

Outcome Indicator 2

To improve the wellbeing of the households of vulnerable youth by increasing their ability to better prevent and cope with shocks (social, health, and economic) and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on the family.

Outcome Indicator 3

To advocate and mobilize community support and resources to increase youth access to information, networks, new technologies that build linkages to professional and community networks and reduce social exclusion through a youth engagement community of practice that will support ‘meaningful youth engagement.

Scope of Work

  1. Identify and outline the main socio-economic and health challenges faced by AGYW & OVCY, aged between 15 to 21 years, in eThekwini North (Inanda, Ntuzuma  & Kwa Mashu)
  2. Identify & map existing projects and community assets that are aimed at addressing the soci-economic and health needs of youth in eThekwini North
  3. Identify potential linkages or networks that could be drawn upon to benefit the youth in eThekwini North
  4. Timeframe: the assignment must be completed by the 15th January 2018.


  • Consultant should possess a relevant post graduate qualification;
  • Experience in conducting situational analyses;
  • Understanding and knowledge of economic strengthening, life skills, HIV and sexual health programming targeting AGYW and OVCY.
  • References / evidence of having previously performed similar work.

Submission date of applications

Interested service providers / consultants are requested to submit proposals to for the attention of Ms. Belinda Van Eck before the 08h00 on the 04 December  2017.

Proposals should include a work plan, a budget /fee structure, the Curriculum Vitae of the Consultant/s; and statement of availability.

Evaluation Criteria

Price = 40%

Functionality = 60%

Enquiries: All enquiries are to be submitted in writing to for the attention of Mr. Sibusiso Mkhize.

AFSA reserves the right not to make an appointment.

For more information on the AIDS Foundation of South Africa, refer to

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