How to Help


Part of the aim of this web site is to leverage an additional source of funding. By doing this, the AIDS Foundation can further its support of smaller community-based structures that deal directly with the harsh reality of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We are hoping that numerous small contributions made by yourself and other concerned individuals will amount to an impactful improvement to the lives of so many South Africans. Please make a small contribution, and be glad to have made a difference to someone’s life.

Your donation can be made in one of the following ways:

1) A crossed cheque can be made payable to “AIDS FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA ” and mailed to the following postal address:
PO BOX 50582
South Africa

2) An international telegraphic (SWIFT) or electronic transfer can also be made to deposit donations into the AIDS Foundation of South Africa’s bank account. For account and transfer details, please contact Ms Nivanie Pillay at:

3) Secure Online Donation Click Here

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