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FAQ’s Global Fund Grant, April 2019 – March 2022

FAQ’s Global Fund Grant, April 2019 – March 2022

Find below the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for the Global Fund Grant, April 2019 – March 2022.


Number Q/A Question and Answer
1 Q Please clarify the submission date for the referenced RFA.
A The submission date is the 22nd of February no later than 12:00.
2 Q Page 5, C.6 (“Attach proposed organogram and summary CVs of key individuals showing qualifications and relevant experience”) of the AGYW application – Does this mean that we have to recruit without receiving the grant?
A You are not required to recruit new staff before you are selected as SR. You are required to list existing team members (and their qualifications) who shall work on the grant should your application be successful. Thereafter, tell us your plan to close the capacity gaps/ recruit new people to fill vacant posts.
3 Q From reading the call it appears that in so far as key populations are concerned, there is only advocacy for Sisonke and SANPUD to conduct advocacy for the issues they experience as key populations. What about the legal environment for transgender persons who struggle with gender identity as a determinant for access to health? Should this also not be a priority?
A Kindly note that there is an Advocacy program which is yet to be published and it includes advocacy for MSM/ TG and other key population groups.

The Human Rights program module in the next GF grant focuses on improving policy and legal frameworks for rights of People Living with HIV (PLHIV), Sex Workers and People Who Inject Drugs (PWID).

4 Q Which areas (districts) will the MSM/TG will cover?
A MSM/TG districts:-

1.            Manguang Metro

2.            Ethekwini Metro

3.            King Cetshwayo

4.            Capricorn

5.            Mopani

6.            Gert Sibande

7.            Ehlanzeni (TG only)

8.            Bojanala

9.            Eden (TG only)

10.          OR Tambo

5 Q Within the AGYW ToR it states that we should not include the schematic plan and budget when completing the application, if yes then how are we to mention project activities and the budget required for the project implementation.
A Please use the application form as a guide and submit required supporting documents.

This is a capacity assessment, therefore you are required to share your past or present experience working on similar programs in the targeted districts. Budgets and implementation plans will be discussed with the appointed SRs.

6 Q How many pages is the submission required to be?
A Please use Arial font, size 11 single spacing and refer to the length indicated next to each question in the application form.
7 Q Regarding the Organogram provided in the ToR: 4 finance officers seems like a lot per sub-district. Is this correct?
A The allocation is based on the number of modalities i.e. Safe spaces, schools, TVETs and communities. Kindly note that applicants are welcome to proposed a different structure to ensure efficiencies.
8 Q Regarding the proposed Organogram provided in the ToR: Is there scope for a district level clinical or technical lead to whom the three Coordinators would report instead of to the M&E Manager?
A The programmes team (clinical or technical lead and coordinators) shall be responsible for the supervision and coordination of activities including program quality monitoring. The full scope will be provided as soon as we have finalized all grant making documents with the GFCT and other PRs.
9 Q AGYW : What is the expectation regards provision of PrEP? As PrEP is not currently available through DoH facilities, is there a plan to obtain the medication?
A We are going to procure PrEP with the grant fund and offer it to high risk AGYW and provide ongoing support.
10 Q AGYW: Do we have to fill in the form or provide a written business plan addressing the questions in the form?
A The AGYW Application form must be filled in and submitted with supporting documents. Please ensure that supporting documents are saved as the appropriate Annex number and document name.
11 Q AGYW: Are the targets an overarching target to still be split per modality or is it the target per modality?
A The targets are for all AGYW reached through all modalities.
12 Q AGYW: In the Request for Applications, there appears to be 1 organogram. Is it preferred that an applicant apply for 1 modality, between 1 or more modalities or all modalities – if they have the capacity to do so?
A The applicant is encouraged to highlight current or previous experience in implementing similar interventions through the proposed modalities. It can be between 1 or more modalities or all modalities.
13 Q AGYW: Where in the application form should applicants indicate proposed modalities and sub-districts?
14 Q AGYW: Is it required for applicants’ to respond to question C.4 if they do not intend to utilize Sub-sub recipients?
A Yes, it is necessary for the applicant to respond to ALL question even if you do not intend on contracting SSRs.
15 Q AGYW: Is it required for applicants to respond to question C.5 on Procurement and Supply Chain Management if they do not manage warehouses and procure medical commodities?
A Yes, the applicant should respond by highlighting the organisations procurement and supply chain management system and practices. Note that the applicant is required to also make reference to procurement of non-medical products as well.
16 Q AGYW: Should applicants’ proposed GF implementation teams (question C.6) reflect the organogram “Resource Allocation per sub-district” in the RFA using their own staffing structures and naming conventions?
A The applicant must propose the structure team and indicate if the required capacity currently exists within the organisation and the plan for closing gaps to fill other (available) positions.
17 Q AGYW: Will the program have designated clinical service providers, or are applicants expected to sub-grant clinical service provision if they do not wish to provide it directly?
A The program will have dedicated clinical service providers. However the applicant is allowed to sub-grant this function by forming consortiums with other partners who have the capacity to provide biomedical services to AGYWs.
18 Q AGYW: Are applicants required to submit separate Organograms for Annex 12, question C.2 Senior Management Team, and Question C.6 GF Grant Implementation Team?
A C.2 refers to the applicants senior management team i.e. board of directors, C.6 refers to the grant implementation team (the people who will be responsible for the implementation of the grant) and Annex 12 is the organisations overarching Organogram, which includes all departments.
19 Q Can I come to visit you to discuss?
A Please address your queries to our email addresses because we are not available in offices to answer. Your questions of clarity are allowed until the 15th of January 2019.
20 Q Confirm the funding criteria of your organisation (b) the nature of your funding (e.g. small or large projects) (c) deadlines for application (d) forward any application forms.
A The nature of project and the scope of work is explained in all TORs. Targets are also included in all TORs. The deadline is answered in question 1 above. Application forms can be downloaded by following the links at the bottom of each respective call.
21 Q What would qualify us to submit an application?
A Check if you have all requested annexures and that will guide you if you qualify or not.
22 Q Can we apply for one modality only that applies to our area of work. We work with girls aged 3—21 years although the majority of the girls are very young. The boys we work with are ages —-3 years —12 years. I am very interested in the GENDER BASED VIOLENCE programme which applies to us or the programme with adolescents and young women.
A Please note that if you want to apply for AGYW programme you need to implement the comprehensive programme. If you feel like your organisation is not capable of implementing all modalities, you need to use the approach of using SSRs or form a consortium with other organisations so that they can implement modalities that you are not strong on them.
23 Q Please send us an application form for applying TB implementation program for Global Fund
A Please note that TB is done by National Department of Health and the application was close.
24 Q Can the CBO apply for Capacity Building if the organisation is getting capacity building from the current grant?
A No, all organisation that are receiving capacity building from the current grant must apply for SR opportunities from NACOSA, Beyond Zero, NDOH as well as AFSA.