(The current Call for Proposal’s deadline has been extended from 11 April 2023 to 14 April 2023)

Appointment of a Service Provider to provide, implement and host an electronic stock management system for AFSA and its AYP and SWP Sub-Recipients
Reference: GL003REQ08941-ESMS
Application deadline: 14 April 2023 Time: 17H00
AFSA reserves the right to amend this document or to cancel this call, for any reason
Note: Please direct any queries to [email protected]/NokwaziSibisi@abbey

The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) is a Durban-based NGO that acts as an interface between Donors and Community Based Organisations (CBO’s) working in the HIV/AIDS sector, by placing donor funds with strategically selected CBOs in South Africa, and providing them with ongoing, technical support & capacity building.
The South Africa Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (GF CCM) is responsible for leading the implementation of HIV and TB programmes funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (GF) in the country. The GF CCM has selected the AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) to be appointed by the GF as one of the four Principal Recipients (PRs) that will implement programmes funded by the grant, during Apr 2022 – Mar 2025.
Serving as a grant manager, the PR coordinates grants’ execution through sub-recipients (SRs), service providers and consultants as the main implementers of the GF programmes. AFSA’s programmes under the current Global Fund grant are implemented in 20 districts, across all nine South Africa’s provinces. Four core programmes are assigned to AFSA:
1) Adolescents and Young People (AYP) programme
2) Sex Workers programme
3) Human Rights & Advocacy programme
4) Community Systems Strengthening programme
AFSA is responsible for providing technical support on procurement of health products by SRs and is also responsible to procure and supply health products to these different SRs in order to support these organizations in the fight against HIV/Aids and other conditions. It is upon this background that AFSA seeks to appoint a reputable service provider that will improve stock management, both at PR as well as SR level by providing and implementing an electronic stock management system for AFSA as a PR and for all its AYP and SW SRs.
The electronic stock management system (ESMS) is a solution to manage and track stock movements, and its purpose would be to integrate and managing ordering, receiving, distribution, disposal, and reporting of health products into one single system.

The objective of the Electronic Stock Management System is to improve stock management of all Health Products purchased under the Global Fund Grant. This will also assist AFSA on improving accountability as well as reporting stock usage within the SR’s.
The service provider will be responsible to:
• Supply, install and host the ESMS to AFSA and all its SRs for the 13 AYP SRs and 16 SWP SRs.
• Train all relevant staff members both at AFSA and all the SRs on how to use the ESMS
• Work with all clinical teams at SR and AFSA to ensure that they are comfortable on how to use the system
• Provide continuous technical support as required throughout the contract period

Please click here to download the Full TOR – RFP ESMS and the Appendix-1 Application Template ESMS