Women from Worcester in the Western Cape tell a story that is familiar to millions across South Africa. “I am living with my mother and three children. We are going through very difficult times during Covid-19. Often I hear stories of insults from my children as they went to knock on other people’s doors for something to eat,” says Hettie*.

Saalwa* shares a similar story. “I am living with my son and 4 grandchildren. Their mother passed away and my son lost his job. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing in our house and you cannot even go to your neighbours for help as we all are in the same boat.”

With the Covid-19 lockdown adding to the already dire situation of the unemployed, they often don’t know where their next meal will come from – or when it will come.

“What can be done, and will it help?” one wonders.

When the lockdown was announced, the DO MORE FOUNDATION knew that radical action was needed to address a growing hunger crisis in South Africa. It rallied its partnership network (which helped it provide 5.4 million meals in 2019) and launched a special Covid-19 relief initiative which has so far provided 4 million meals to hungry children and their families.

But there is much more to be done as millions sink deeper into poverty in the wake of the lockdown.


In honour of our very own patron saint of children, Nelson Mandela, the DO MORE FOUNDATION has committed to provide 1 MILLION hot Rainbow Chicken meals to South Africa’s most vulnerable children and communities this Mandela Day.

These meals will be provided between 13 and 18 July, in partnership with 329 soup kitchens (affiliated to Meals on Wheels, Afrika Tikkun, Save the Children, the Department of Social Development and other organisations) that have been working tirelessly to feed the poorest of the poor.

“It’s all about partnership and collaboration, and that’s where South African people and businesses come in. Rainbow Chicken is providing us with 100 tons of chicken towards our Mandela Day effort, and there are many individuals and business that are putting up their hands to get involved – including long-standing partners like Mr Price, Phakisa, Ackermans and Buckman. With the help of even more fellow South Africans, we can and will DO MORE for vulnerable children and communities – not just for Mandela Day but into the future,” says DO MORE FOUNDATION Executive Warren Farrer.


The DO MORE FOUNDATION is calling on South African consumers to #GiveItUp to DoMore for Mandela Day by donating online at https://domore.org.za/ – every R1 donated provides a meal. They can also help by sharing the #GiveItUp to DoMore campaign on social media and other platforms.


“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you look at rising unemployment and poverty statistics. But if you think about the impact even a single meal can make, and you make a decision to help a few people in some way, you start to change the story. You give hope,” says Farrer.

That’s exactly what happened when the two women from Worcester recently received a food parcel from the DO MORE FOUNDATION.

“You truly restored a sense of dignity for us with this donation of pap. We received, and were filled for several days without needing to depend on others,” says Hettie.

Saalwa agrees. “I cried tears of joy because I am not used to someone being so good to my family at such a time. I am so grateful to the DO MORE FOUNDATION and its donors for thinking about us in such dark times.”

For more information on the #GiveItUp to DoMore campaign and how to get involved, visit the DO MORE FOUNDATION website at https://domore.org.za/ or follow the Foundation on social media: “domorefoundation”.

* names changed

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